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MAY 1927

Manjiro Kondo, who had worked for Industrial Dept. of Japan Branch of The Singer Company, founded Kondo Sewing Machine Company in Osaka and began to engage in the import and sales of industrial sewing machines; then manufacturing and export of sewing machines for knitted materials. The business succeeded thanks to the excellent performance and quality of the products.

December 1946

Kondoh Shokai Co., Ltd. was established at the site where the present marketing company is located; meanwhile, the manufacturing company (Yamato Sewing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) was established at Toyonaka, Osaka. The DC-1 overlock machine was initially invented in Japan.

May 1948

Kondoh Shokai Co., Ltd. was renamed Kondo Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

Aug. 1949

Our standard drawing of overlock stitch machine was adopted as the original plan of Japan Standard Specification in International Trade and Machinery Bureau, Japan Sewing Machinery Industry Committee and Japan Sewing Machinery Technique Conference.

May 1960

Mr. Manjiro Kondo was awarded the honor of “Royal Prize” that is the top prize for Japanese nongovernmental enterprises.

Apr. 1964

Concluded the contract as the exclusive distributor of The Reece Corporation (U.S.A.) in Japan.

May 1965

Concluded the contract with Complett S.P.A. (Italy) as the exclusive distributor in Japan.

January 1970

Manjiro Kondo, the founder, passed away and Akira Kondo took office as the president of company.

October 1987

its subsidiary Yamato U.S.A Inc. was established in Charlotte, U.S.A.

April 1988

Yamato Corporation was established for the sales of the textile machinery.

December 1988

Yamato (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. was established in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

January 1990 Yamato (Europe) GmbH was established in Hamburg, Germany.
September 1993

Yamato (Singapore) Pte Ltd. was established in Singapore.

February 1997

its 70th anniversary was celebrated.

March 2000

the VG series, standing for the trade of the industrial sewing machinery, was awarded “New Machine Development Award” by Japanese government. Among the trade of the industrial sewing machinery, Yamato is the only one that gained this honor.

November 2000

Yamato Sewing Machine (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. was established.

January 2001

Yamato Ningbo was officially put into production in the standard factory that was leased.

March 2001

products made by Yamato Ningbo were officially put into market.

April 2001

Yamato, as a manufacturer that produces industrial sewing machine, passed the certification of ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System (among the trade of the industrial sewing machinery in Japan, no enterprise but Yamato passed it.)

September 2001

Yamato Qingdao Office was established.

May 2002

President Shogo Kondo served as Chairman of executive committee of JIAM Exhibition, chairing the Japan International JIAM Exhibition, one of largest three sewing machinery exhibitions in the world.

October 2002

Yamato Shanghai Office was established.

October 2002

Yamato Dongguan Office was established.

April 2003

Yamato Ningbo Factory (Phase I) opened.

December 2004

Yamato Dalian Office was established; meanwhile, business & after-sales service agencies were set up across the country (including Xiangshan, Yiwu, Shaoxing, Suzhou, Nantong, Fujian and so on)

January 2005

Yamato Ningbo Factory (Phase II) opened.

July 2006 the 5th anniversary of Yamato Ningbo was celebrated.
August 2006

the 80th anniversary of Yamato Headquarters was celebrated.

November 2006

President Shogo Kondo and Deputy General Manager Zhi Xiaohong attended the 2006 APEC Conference.

October 2006

President Shogo Kondo was awarded the title of “International Contributors’ Award” at the commendation meeting of “the 24th Japan Excellent Mangers”

January 2007 the first Yamato Vietnam Office was established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
May 2008

President Shogo Kondo served as Chairman of Executive Committee of JIAM Exhibition again, chairing the JIAM Exhibition, one of largest three sewing machinery exhibitions in the world, which was sponsored by Japan JASMA and held in Singapore.

July 2008

Yamato Japan was listed as one of “300 Energetic Japanese Small and Medium-sized Manufacturers Supporting Japanese Future”.

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